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How it works

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    Enter your website address

    Indicate the URL and the language of your website. Then select the desired translation languages.

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    Your content is translated

    The machine translation only takes just a few minutes. You can follow the progress in real time on the dashboard and you are notified by email when it is done.

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    Revise the translation in context

    You can improve the translation while browsing your translated website. All the changes will be kept to be reused for your future translations. Do it alone or with help.

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    Publish your website

    One click and your translated website is online and visible in search engines! You can then link it to your original site so that your visitors can easily switch languages.

What our users say about Reverso Documents

Our traffic increased by 200% now that our restaurant in Paris can be found in Chinese search engines!

-- Joël L.

I can now share my blog with my American friends. Glad to use Reverso Documents!

-- Elsa K.

Frequently asked questions

Are all websites supported?

While it is being constantly improved, Reverso Documents works best for rather static websites. If your website requires a lot of javascript or dynamic content such as forms or shopping cart, it may not be able to extract all the content correctly. Flash and images cannot be translated and will be displayed in the original language.
To make sure that your website is supported, create a project to test Reverso Documents for free. You will see right away if it suits you.

For dynamic websites, we provide different solutions. For instance, you can translate your database by exporting it to XML and manage its translation on Reverso Documents: click here for more information. We also support a wide range of localization files from RESX (.NET technology) to PO (PHP): click here for more information.

Will my website be modified?

No, Reverso Documents won't modify your website. It only extracts the content and creates a mirror version of it. The only modification you have to make to your website is adding a link to the translated version so your visitors can easily switch languages if they wish so.

Is it free?

Yes but with some limits. Our free service plan has an overall quota of 8000 words and a limit of 2 languages and 3500kb per website, which is large enough to translate at least the main pages. For larger projects, we have extensive premium options. Full details available on our pricing page.